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Before on the left , After on the Right.

When trying to visualize what your home will look like with a new facelift, think of the ways in which you wish it would look. Then try to envision the color, the texture, the dimensional changes. Likewise, view some of the

gallery before and after photos

Additionally try to picture the drastic changes, take note of the clean upgrades that each home has had in the photos.

Lastly, try to realize that aesthetically the differences are massive between the before and after images, however the real deciding factor should be not just the look but also should be the application. Vinyl siding brings 10 plus years to your foundation, vinyl windows are 10 times more efficient, quality roofing materials have 20 plus years of life expectancy. But none of these benefits are as worthy as the peace of mind it brings to have your home in perfect condition and working order.