Window Care

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Window Care

After American Remodeling replaces your windows, there are steps you can take to ensure long term sustainability and preservation. Here are our tips:

  1. Do you see condensation on the inside of your window? If so, this is a good sign that the tight window seal is working as intended. If condensation appears between the insulated glass unit (IG), however, you may need a replacement. 

  2. Are you noticing airflow from your window? If so, try opening and closing the window. If the airflow seems to have stopped, hold up a flame near the crevice. The flickering light can help you determine if the window is fully shut. 

  3. When is the last time that the exterior of your windows was resealed or re-caulked? We recommend conducting this service on a yearly basis (get in touch with our team for support). 

If any damages, operability issues, or concerns arise with your windows, our dedicated team at American Remodeling is here and always happy to help.